Bigg Boss Non-stop Telugu:  Double elimination this time

Bigg Boss Non-stop Telugu – The controversial reality show Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is in its sixth week, and it’s time for another round of elimination this weekend. The Telugu viewers are eager to know which contestant will say good bye to the house in the sixth-week of elimination. The nominated contestants are Hamida, Ajay, Natraj Master, Bindhu Madhavi, Shiva, Mahesh Vitta, Ashu Reddy, and Mithra. Mumaith Khan, and Sravanthi.   The sources revealed that  Hamida, Ajay, Natraj Master, Bindhu Madhavi, Shiva, and  Mahesh Vitta are in the safe zone whereas Ashu Reddy, Mithra. Mumaith Khan and Sravanthi are in the danger zone. This time there will be a double elimination in Bigg Boss. As per the reports, Mumaith Khan who made re-entry into  the house, after getting eliminated in the first week itself is going to face eviction again.

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Bigg Boss Non-stop Telugu

 On the otherside, Sravanthi will also be eliminated from the  Bigg Boss Non stop Telugu show.

  The makers of Bigg Boss released a promo that shows Bigg Boss asking the participants to conduct a fun task in which they must behave like Bigg Boss family members as part of their daily task. In another promo, participants  pick one of the worst housemates and offer a reason to back up their claim.

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