Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz answers today March 30 : win TCL Bluetooth Headset, Supercoins and more

Flipkart Aage Kya is the next video contest from the Walmart-owned e-commerce platform. After discontinuing Flipkart Kya Bolti Public, an opinion-based contest just a few days back, Flipkart is back with another contest. As the name suggests, the Flipkart Aage Kya Pause Play and Win Quiz contest is all about predicting “aage kya hoga” or what will happen next in the context of the video.

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The teasers for the show suggest that we are looking at a show that will be all about fun. The Flipkart Aage Kya will join other video contests such as Flipkart Crime Stories Khoj Apradhi Ki Quiz, Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Quiz, Flipkart FYI For Your Information Quiz and Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz. Through all these contests, Flipkart wants to reward its customers with gift vouchers, supercoins and other rewards.

Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz (March 30)

  • Answer 1: (D) Bull’s tail his the cap
  • Answer 2: (D) Goat come out of the drawer
  • Answer 3: (C) Bird takes the rat

Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz questions and answers for March 30th

Question 1: What’s next?

Answer: (D) Bull’s tail his the cap

Question 2: What’s next?

Answer: (D) Goat come out of the drawer

Question 3: What’s next?

Answer: (C) Bird takes the rat

Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz: what is this video show all about?

YouTube video

Flipkart Aage Kya, as we mentioned earlier, is a video contest. The description for the show, based on the video posted by Flipkart Video on Twitter, suggests a comedy show. There are four hosts and it seems to involve video footage where the participant needs to guess what would happen next. This show will mark a huge departure from existing shows where the quiz questions are about pricing of a product or general knowledge.

With Flipkart Video, it is evident that Flipkart is trying to mix things up a bit. In addition to shopping, it wants to be a platform that helps users consume content and even play mobile games. While content consumption generally means watching shows and movies on platforms like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video, Flipkart’s definition for content consumption comes in quick bytes.

The Flipkart Video shows are no longer than 20 minutes in length and some take less than five minutes of your time. While on OTT platforms, you spend money and time, Flipkart Video gives back for your time spent. It rewards you for watching these shows with either a product of the day or gift vouchers or supercoin. While Amazon, the primary challenger to Flipkart in the e-commerce space, also runs quizzes on a section called Funzone, the odds of winning are relatively low.

Flipkart is promising assured rewards in the form of supercoins, which are basically digital currency that you can spend on Flipkart. Flipkart equates five supercoin as equivalent to one rupee. With 500 supercoin, you can essentially get Rs 100 top-up from Flipkart. Whether its Flipkart Aage Kya or other video contests on the platform, Flipkart wants its customers to watch these shows, earn supercoins and spend them again on its own platform. In other words, it is paying you to stay on the platform and use its various services.

Coming back to Aage Kya, it is not clear whether this show will be a success. We saw how Flipkart Kaun Who Did It became an instant success thanks to the interactive crime solving nature of the contest and top notch production. But its successor Dating Aaj Kal failed to meet the demands. With Aage Kya, Flipkart is essentially venturing into a different genre. If it delivers on the fun promised through the teaser videos then the show might reach same critical mass we saw with the previous Flipkart Video shows.

Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz: Rewards of the Day

  • TCL Bluetooth Headset (1 Winner)
  • 5 Supercoins (20,000 winners)
  • 2 Supercoins (1,00,000 winners)
  • 1 Supercoin (for remaining winners)

Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz: how to play

  • Start by downloading the Flipkart mobile app from App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Now, log into the app using your existing account or create a new account.
  • Once you are logged into the app, look for the Video section in the bottom row.
  • Tap on the video and you will find “Aage Kya” in the top banner.
  • Click on the image to enter the contest.
  • Now, you will see two big buttons marked as “My Rewards” and “Play”.
  • Click on “Play” to start the quiz contest.
  • Next, you will have to watch the video and answer the question correctly.
  • At the end of the show, click on “See my performance” to unlock the rewards.
  • Collect your reward in the next screen.

Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz: terms and conditions

  1. You will need to answer all the questions correctly in order to win an assured reward.
  2. The winners will get either Flipkart gift vouchers, products as applicable or supercoins.
  3. The rewards will be credited to the account of the winners on or before May 31st, 2021.
  4. This contest is valid only in India and only to those who are Indian citizens.
  5. All the participants must be of age 18 or higher and have verified their contact on Flipkart.
  6. The participant must have a valid account on the platform.
  7. By participating, participants agree and consent to the collection, usage, storage, transfer, sharing or otherwise processing of personal information.
  8. This includes sensitive information provided by participants.
  9. Employees of Flipkart and their relatives, contractors, and any other companies or vendors associated with the contest are not eligible to participate.
  10. Winners may be contacted by Flipkart for marketing and promotional purposes.

Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz (March 30)

  • Answer 1: (D) Bull’s tail his the cap
  • Answer 2: (D) Goat come out of the drawer
  • Answer 3: (C) Bird takes the rat

Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz (March 29)

  • Answer 1: (D) Kid (left of the screen) falls
  • Answer 2: (A) Boy faints
  • Answer 3: (A) Girl slips

Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz (March 28)

  • Answer 1: (A) Bride and Minister fall
  • Answer 2: (C) Cows and Chickens fight
  • Answer 3: (B) Lady runs away

(Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz answers today March 30 : win TCL Bluetooth Headset, Supercoins and more)


Answer – Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers for March 30th, 2021: check how to play and win supercoins, gems
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