Hyderabad traffic police ride on NagaChaitanya Car

Hyderabad traffic police ride on NagaChaitanya Car – It is known that the Hyderabad traffic police have recently taken charge of the cars of stars like Allu Arjun, NTR, Kalyan Ram, Manchu Manoj, Trivikram. Now Naga Chaitanya has also joined the list. They do not ignore anyone who walks contrary to the traffic rules, even the celebrities. Cars stopped on the road.. Checks were carried out on their cars.

Traffic police stopped Naga Chaitanya’s car at Jubilee Hills check post in Hyderabad and conducted searches in his car. In addition, they removed the black film on his car. Only people with Y category security are eligible to use them. It is known that the Supreme Court has ordered that the rest should not use it.

The police are acting very strictly in this regard. Wherever such cars are found they are conducting searches without thinking. Naga Chaitanya was also in the car. And a fine of Rs 700 was imposed on him by Hyderabad traffic police. We should appreciate their work without any restrictions even for a celebrity.

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