Mobile Gamers Face Device Compatibility issues with Apex Legends Mobile: Request Developers for Urgent Fix

Mobile Gamers Face Device Compatibility issues with Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile was recently released as a closed beta for Android device users in India, However, only a handful have been successful in downloading the game with the official key from Google Play.

Respawn Entertainment announced just a few days ago that Apex Legends Mobile will be released in India and the Philippines for the closed beta. The official blog hinted that only a few thousand will be allowed to try out the beta version of the mobile game.

Naturally, not everyone was allowed to download the game, and this created a massive rift in the Indian mobile gaming community. Even high-end Android devices that are about a year old do not get the option to download the closed beta.


“On the other hand, players who downloaded the game complained about how ill-optimized it is at the moment. Several reported that they could only experience Apex Legends Mobile in 30 fps even if their devices support 90 fps gameplay.

In light of all these recent events, this article will discuss and highlight the problems Indian mobile gamers are facing while downloading or playing Apex Legends Mobile.

Indian mobile gamers report numerous issues after Apex Legends Mobile officially launched its closed beta

Apex Legends Mobile is currently available on the Google Play Store. Indian gamers can give it a try if their device is new. “However, there is no guarantee of them getting to play the closed beta.


“For example, OnePlus 7T users cannot play Apex Legends Mobile, while OnePlus Nord users are allowed to play the closed beta. “Although the former device has a better GPU than Nord, 7T users cannot play the game since it isn’t compatible.

While devices like Poco F1 with 6 GB RAM ran the game smoothly, other mobile phones with 8/12 GB RAM did not qualify for the closed beta.


The compatibility issues and download failures have frustrated several fans, as they lashed out at the publishers by expressing their views on social media. Even the players who got to play the game expressed how it is still far from finished.

Currently, compatibility and optimization are the two main issues. The three major complaints from fans are:

  • Apex Legends Mobile should be optimized for all devices as the majority of the Indian gaming community uses budget-devices for gamimg.
  • Apex Legends Mobile needs to have better in-game optimization with numerous quality of life changes.
  • Respawn Entertainment needs to work on the in-game features of Apex Legends Mobile as it is full of bugs in the closed beta version.

Many players, after playing the game, reported on social media that Apex Legends has a bright future in India. However, the publishers will have to start by removing all the bugs and glitches from the closed beta first.


For compatibility, Respawn Entertainment mentioned that this is just the closed beta of the game and it doesn’t reflect its final quality. Any progress players make on the beta version will not get carried forward when v1.0 is available.

This comes as an assurance to players using budget-devices to play Apex Legends Mobile. The closed beta is testing out what players want and this form of open communication between developers and players is what the Indian mobile gaming community needs right now.

Mobile Gamers Face Device Compatibility issues

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