Nagarjuna got serious on Akhil and bindhu and revealed the bathroom issue !!

Nagarjuna got serious on Akhil and bindhu and revealed the bathroom issue !!
Nagarjuna got serious on Akhil and bindhu and revealed the bathroom issue !!

Bigg Boss Non Stop House Sunday is turning into a heat day. Houst Nagarjuna comes into the fun zone after giving a class for the first hour to the house mates. Weeks go by, showing the mistakes made by housemates and giving clarity to the audience as well. Nagarjuna, who had earlier called Shiva into the Confession Room, tried to put a full stop to the bathroom issue.


Actually, What did Akhil say? Why did you go to the Bindhu and say? Shiva was stunned when he asked Shiva to be straight. Made an attempt to cover. He called the Bindhu and asked what actually happened here. Bindu said that Shiva told me that the girl did not say this because Akhil commented something while walking towards the bathroom.

Nagarjuna also called Akhil to clarify this. Akhil revealed that I had told him that we also knew that the bathroom was spinning so that he could dominate in the nominations time and that there was no real intention and why it did not come out of my note. With this, Nagarjuna put a full stop to this issue. He said he would look for the original video and show it to you.

In the middle of playing the game, he brought out the nominations for the 6th week. Anyway the two of them came and muddy the waters showing the words that happened in that nominations task. It was here that Bindu addressed Akhil commenting on your body language and personality. At the same time Akhil also said that he knows your personality and goes to the bathroom again and again.

Nagarjuna showed this video and gave clarity to both. Since Akhil spoke about bathroom, he gave a warning that the issue had come up so far and that had not argued like a madman. Also, told Siva not to imagine anything where there is no real matter. Gave clarity to the Bindhu. After that, Nagarjuna also clarified that Bindu was coming by side.

Not only that, he said very clearly that if anything we would sit side by side on the sofa and drink coffee and talk. Host Nagarjuna also showed this video. With that Bindu apologized to Akhil. Then it is clarified that Ajay did not talk about the spine problem and only told her to stay strong with the intention of moving forward in the game if your back is strong. With this, Ajay also got clarity. All in all, King Nagarjuna was dusted off in Sunday’s episode. He gave mad clarity to the house mates by clearing every issue. He also gave a sweet warning in his own style.