PUBG Mobile India uploads four trailers teasing India launch, deletes them shortly after

In a new development, PUBG Mobile India uploaded four trailers to their YouTube channel, teasing the game’s return to India, only to delete them later.

Battle Royale games on the mobile platform have gained mass popularity over the past few years. PUBG Mobile has been among the pioneers on the platform. The renowned BR title has found a special place in the Indian community and enjoys a massive fan base.

Many of its players were shocked to learn about the news of the game’s suspension by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Since then, they have been scouring the internet for every update about the game’s eventual return to the country.

Four trailers were released by PUBG Mobile India teasing comeback, deletes shortly after

PUBG Mobile India later deleted trailers

Four new videos were uploaded to the official YouTube channel and were removed within a few minutes. Some users were able to get a glimpse of them.

They were the same trailers featuring Dynamo, Jonathan, and Kroten that were earlier uploaded in November. It said that the game was coming soon.

These were the older trailers

Since the incident, speculation about PUBG Mobile’s imminent return has been rife again. Earlier, Dynamo, a prominent PUBG Mobile content creator, in a mysterious message, stated that the trailer would be released on a double-digit date and the title would be released on a single-digit date.

PUBG Mobile India

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A snippet of Ocean’s Instagram story

A prominent PUBG Mobile caster and influencer, Ocean Sharma, uploaded a story on Instagram which read:

“Something was uploaded, but it wasn’t meant to be done today and is supposed to be released on another date.”

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PUBG Mobile India uploads four trailers

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