Samantha still missing Chaitanya ?! Her recent instagram post is going viral

Samantha still missing Chaitanya ?! Her recent instagram post is going viral

Nag Chaitanya Samantha has been busy with different shootings after the break up. After the divorce, the craze for Chaitanya or Samantha did not abate. Samantha deleted some photos of Chaitanya with Sam on social media after their divorce but Chaitanya kept the photos with Sam intact. Although Chaitanya mentions Samantha’s name on several occasions after the divorce, Samantha does not mention Chaitanya’s name.


However, Samantha recently posted a poster of the movie Majili through her Instagram story and the story is going viral. Akkineni fans are happy to share the Samantha-inspired poster on social media with chaitanya. Majili was one of the biggest hits of Chaisam’s career. Directed by Shiva Nirvana, the combination of Chaitanya, Samantha and Divyansha Kaushik became a blockbuster hit at the box office.It has been three years since the release of this film.

On this ocassion, she mentioned that hastag three years of majili and posted their poster. Fans wants a wife like Shravani (Samantha’s role) in this movie after watching Majili. Those who love love stories and family stories will love this movie. Some people are commenting that it would be better if Chaisam clears up misunderstandings and lives happily together like in Majili movie.

It has been almost six months since Chaitanya Samantha break up and many of her fans are still unable to digest the news of their divorce. Many fans want Chaisam to make movies together and live together. However, it seems that Chaitanya has not posted anything on social media about this film.

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