Samantha wishes to Akhil Akkineni

Samantha Chaitanya gets divorced almost 6 months later. Although Chaitanya mentions Samantha’s name on several occasions after the divorce, Samantha does not mention Chaitanya’s name anywhere still. Samantha also deleted some photos of Chaitanya with Sam on social media while Chaitanya kept the photos with Sam intact.

After the divorce Samantha stayed away from Akkineni in matters related to their family. Infact, Samantha did not react to Chaitanya’s hits even though they said they would be friends as chaitanya too. But it is noteworthy that in the meantime she brought up much of the mention of Akkineni.

Recently, Samantha posted a poster of the movie Majili through her Instagram story and the story went viral. However, Akkineni fans are happy to share the Samantha-Chaitanya poster on social media. Some people have commented that it would be good if Chaisam lived together like in the Majili movie.

Meanwhile, Akkineni Akhil along with icon star Allu Arju celebrated their birthday yesterday and all the celebrities wished them on social media. Samantha also wished the both through her instagram. Firstly, she wished Allu Arjun and said ‘Glad to have been a small part of your incredible journey’. A few hours later, She wished Akhil Akkineni too.

Wishing him the very best year and also said that ‘ I hope and pray you are blessed with everything you are looking for’. But it is noteworthy that neither Akhil or Nagachaitanya responded to her posts. Even Allu Arjun replied to her post and reposted in his account while replying that ‘Thank You My Sam’.

Once again the Akkineni family show their attitude regarding Sam. Even Akkineni fans are happy for Samantha’s posts, they are irresponsible through her love getting more hurt to the fans.

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